Lot 5: Geisha El Danubio, Honey

Why this name?:

El Danubio is located on the Eastern mountain range, in the Bodoquero River Basin. It has three ecological trails that allow tourists to enjoy a moment of pleasure with the abundant and exotic resources of flora and fauna.

Lot Description

Reference Number:5
Opening Bid:$18.00/lb
Weight:53 lbs
Producer Cupping Notes:Fragrance and aroma: Pink poma, jazmine, orange, and lemoncil. Taste and aftertaste: Juicy, cocoa, panela, jasmine, winy, malic juicy citric acidity, silky body, ans extended sweet residual.

Coffee details


Fermentation: The fermentation time for this lot last 48 hours. Is done in open tanks and without water. Teperature is masure every 6 hours and the PH levels are analize during this time making sure they don't surpass the estipulated avarage. Since during the feremtation there is presence of oxygen the team at the benefit facility in La Esperanza Farm must be very caoutios in order to avoid phenols and other cup deffects. After the cherries are pulped a second fermentation is done with mucilage for 12 hours.

Drying Method: After fermentation the beans are moved without being washed to a Prabolic dryer for 10 days. During the day temperature reach 40°C and two ventilators at each end are open in order to regulate the heat. During the night temperature drops to 19°C. 

Farm details

Farm Elevation: 1700-2000 MSNM
Average Rainfall: 1526 MM/annual, Humidity: 85-90%, Temperature: 15°C - 21°C

Producer Story:

Farm name: Cerro Azul
Location: Colombia, Valle de Cauca, Trujillo
Crop size: 17.2 ha

Other info

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