Lot 4: Geisha Condor, Natural Double Fermentation

Why this name?:

"The condor of the Andes is the emblematic bird of the shield of Colombia. It is the largest flying bird in the world. Condors have extreme reproductive rates
dally low because they lay only one egg every two to three years."

Lot Description

Reference Number:4
Opening Bid:$18.00/lb
Weight:53 lbs
Producer Cupping Notes:Fragrance and aroma: Jasmine, syrup cherries, and red wine. Taste and aftertaste: Lavender, lemongrass, rum, cherries, raisins, creamy body, and bright malic acidity.

Coffee details


Fermentation: The whole cherries are fermented for 20 hours in open tanks. Once this first stage is finished the batch is moved to barrels where the cherries go through a second fermention for 72 hours in anaerobic form. This two fermentations processes take place at Cerro Azul farm at an altitude of 1880 masl. This altitude and microclimate helps mantaining the temperature between 15 - 21ºC.

Drying Method: Once the whole fermentation is finished the cherries are moved to a mechanical dryer where they last 8 days until moistures is on the ideal percentage point. These mechanical dryers are regulated to a temperature of 38°C - 39°C.

Farm details

Farm Elevation: 1700-2000 MSNM
Average Rainfall: 1340MM/Annual, Humidity: 85-90%, Temperature: 15°C - 21°C

Producer Story:

Farm name: Cerro Azul

Location: Colombia, Valle de Cauca, Trujillo

Crop size: 17.2 ha

Other info

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