Lot 18: CGLE Azucena

Lot Description

Reference Number:18
Opening Bid:$18.00/lb
Weight:66 lbs
Process:Hybrid Washed
Altitude:1400-1860 MSNM
Bags Size:6KG
Bag Type:Vaccum Pack
Producer Cupping Notes:Coriander seed, pear, honey, melon, and mint.
Location:Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca, Valle del Cauca
Producer:Café Granja La Esperanza
Fermentation:The cherries were fermented for about 3 days in open tanks, after that they were de-pulped, and fermented for about 3 days in anaerobic tanks.
Drying Method:After the second fermentation, the coffee was dried for 3 days in mechanical dryers.
Storage:Control temperature warehouse

Coffee details


The varietal was created with a crossing experiment of selected Caturras and Geisha. The main reasons for creating this varietal were to increase the amount of resistances to the coffee rust and also adaptability to dry seasons. The research started in 2011 with a first selection of Caturras planted in Potosi farm and the hybrid result of that selection was planted in the field in 2014. Three years later in the first harvest the cherries were processed to verify the cup and as expected it had a lack of complexity. More than a good cup the team was looking for a difference in the physiology of the trees, production of fresh cherries per tree, etc. Once this second phase was finished and the results were shown the last crossing was done using the geisha varietal previously selected from Cerro Azul farm. The first lot with this new hybrid was planted in 2017 in one of the highest lots in Potosi farm (1860 masl).

Fragrance / Aroma:Jasmine, apple, pear, coriander seed, melon, ginger, and citrus flower.
Tasting Notes:Cardamom, lemongrass, cinnamon, brown sugar, coriander seed, pear, green apple, ginger, watermelon, creamy body, and malic acidity.

Farm details

Farm Name: Potosí
Farm Size: 52.0 ha
Average Temperature: 17°C - 22°C°C
Crop Size: 1 ha
Average Rainfall: 1340 MM/AÑO
Humidity: 73%

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