Lot 11: Sidra Acacias

Lot Description

Reference Number:11
Opening Bid:$16.00/lb
Weight:53 lbs
Process:Hybrid Washed
Altitude:1400-1860 MSNM
Bags Size:12KG
Bag Type:Vaccum Pack
Producer Cupping Notes:Melon, white chocolate, calendula, maple syrup, and chamomile.
Location:Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca, Valle del Cauca
Producer:Café Granja La Esperanza
Fermentation:The cherries were fermented for about 3 days in anaerobic tanks, after that they were de-pulped, and fermented for about 3 days in anaerobic tanks.
Drying Method:After the second fermentation, the coffee was dried for 5 days in mechanical dryers.
Storage:Control temperature warehouse

Coffee details


The first Sidra seed planted on Potosi farm was brought from Ecuador from the province of Pichinca when Rigoberto and the quality director of Café Granja traveled in 2016 to Canton Quito, Parroquia Nanegal. Once the seeds arrived to Potosi the nursery was created on October of 2016 and was taken to field on April of 2017. At Potosi farm We have approximately 3800 trees on 1.5 hectares. The main harvest occurs between the end of April and the beginning of June.

Fragrance / Aroma:Honey, white chocolate, walnut, orange blossom, cocoa, maple syrup, and pear.
Tasting Notes:Spicy, peach, calendula, melon, citrus flower, panela, orange peel, chamomile, aromatic residual, malic acidity, and silky body.

Farm details

Farm Name: Potosí
Farm Size: 52.0 ha
Average Temperature: 17°C - 22°C°C
Crop Size: 1.52 ha
Average Rainfall: 1340 MM/AÑO
Humidity: 73%

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