Lot 8: Geisha El Dorado, Natural

Why this name?:

El Dorado is a legendary city, made of gold located in the territory of the old Viceroyalty of Nueva Granada (old Colombia), in where it was believed that there were abundant gold mines.

Lot Description

Reference Number:8
Opening Bid:$14.00/lb
Weight:79 lbs
Producer Cupping Notes:Fragrance and aroma: Red fruits, cocoa, jazmine, and vanilla. Taste and aftertaste: Cehrries, red grapes, cocoa, jasmine, blueberries, malic acidity mediem high, and creamy body.

Coffee details


Fermentation: Fresh cherries are fermented for 20 hours in open tanks after being hand sorted selecting the best cherries in the ideal ripeness point. Once this first stage is finished the batch is moved to barrels in where the cherries go through a second fermention for 90 hours in anaerobic form. For this specific lot we used the fermetation juices (mosto) of a different Geisha batch and add it to the barrel before sealing and extracting the air. This altitude and microclimate helps mantaining the temperature between 15 - 21ºC.

Drying Method: Parabolic and Mechanical dryer. The batch passed through the Mechanical dryer for a dehydration of 48 hours and then goes to the parabolic located in La Esperanza Farm for 20 days using the natural heat of the sun during the day.  

Farm details

Farm Elevation: 1570-1850 MSNM
Average Rainfall: 1340 MM/annual, Humidity: 73%, Temperature: 17°C - 22°C

Producer Story:

Farm name: Las Margaritas

District: Colombia, Valle de Cauca, Caicedonia

Crop Size: 10 Hectares

Other info

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